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One Sweet Deal.
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Just as you're there for your art, ONE INK 7 is here for you. You break out the ink and start up your machine every day, creating great work and making new fans. You love tattooing and want to be able to give it 100% of your attention. But, it's also important to get your work - and your name - in front of as many people as possible. For one thing, you've earned it.

Tattoo artists are in demand today like never before. That's a great thing for the art, but it also means more competition for clients. With an extensive background in the art and business of tattooing, and award winning design talent, ONE INK 7 has the expertise to bring you custom, top quality promotional services at an affordable price.
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Custom Website Design & Hosting
No cookie cutters here. Your website will be designed to frame your art - not to compete with it!
Banners, Stickers, Business Cards
From giant convention banners to top notch take-away cards, your promotional materials will be designed to work together.
Screen Printed and Embroidered Apparel
Your shop needs "branded" merchandise to get your name on the street. Nothing beats an awesome T-shirt or a kick-ass beanie!
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Mark has over 30 years of experience in graphic design, copywriting, and brand development . His work is diverse, from print design for Marriott Hotels International to a commemorative publication in honor of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Leonard Cohen. Product design includes everything from CD packaging to skateboard graphics. Mark's digital experience covers the direction of a Regional Emmy Award winning PSA, broadcast graphics, the direction of a music video featuring multi CMMA Award winning singer, Joan Kennedy, creation of a national advocacy program for children with disabilities, authorship of two children's books and several series screenplays (published and produced).

Mark has a special place in his heart for causes and suffers extensively from "White Knight Syndrome". In addition to his digital artistry, he enjoys creating intricate character sketches and surrealist and abstract acrylic paintings. Mark is an avid tattoo enthusiast and "collector". He is proud to play host to the work of such award winning artists as Chad Chase, Sarah Miller, Chris Chubbuck, James Amsden, and Kevin Becvar. His collection continues to grow.
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Rob has been involved in many forms of art since a very early age. As a young child he exercised his imagination through drawing, all the time, every day! His family constantly pushed him to "do something with your God given talent, there's a purpose for you!" Unsure of what that "purpose" was, Rob pursued many different avenues of art, in school it's all he cared to excel at (besides English).

Rob pursued a degree in Graphic Arts and Commercial Art / Advertising. He stuck with this for about two years until he decided he had gotten all that he could from it, then started drawing art for comic books for a period of time, heading up a small local project titled Demented Comix, which featured the daily trials and tribulations of a character called Mr. Yuck.

Rob broke away from art for a period of time to pursue an education in Business management with a focus on Economics and Marketing. Rob is a self taught Graphic Artist and Web Designer, with the business acumen to put everything together and make one big pretty picture that is almost certain to be successful. His organization skills are top notch, and he is very connected to the people that he works with. He also holds certifications in Lean Manufacturing and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. He takes the most pleasure in seeing the success of others and helping them achieve said success.

Today, Rob is the owner of ONE INK 7 and the creator of Electrum Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer Rob has been involved in the tattoo community for almost 20 years in one form or another, from collector, to tattoo artist and works out of Street Ink Studios in Elkhart Indiana with his lifetime friend Jason "JG" Gist
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Artists from the Electrum Pro Team created killer designs, competing in the first ever collaboration between One Ink 7 and Sharkface Apparel & Design. We're pleased to announce that the winner is Kirt Silver. Kirt is an Award Winning Canadian artist. You can snag this killer shirt, plus an 8 oz. bottle of "Green Gold", Electrum Premium Stencil Primer, and an awesome sticker pack! Just follow the easy steps to share this promotion and you'll be entered. The winner will be announced October 1, 2014. Please visit the Sharkface site to purchase. Thank you to all of the amazing artists who participated and to everyone that voted!

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